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TrendGiveAfuck - A Style Guide to your Beautiful Life

TrendGiveAfuck is a anti-fashion photo blog focused on wearing whatever the fuck you want with the bonus of buying clothes from 2nd-hand shops then donating them back, making a party a win-win-win situation!

Key Features

  • Wordpress custom template
  • Article cross-linking for user engagement
  • Wordpress MU
  • Image sprite sheets
  • Google Adwords and Adsense


After two iterations and Google Analytics inspections with Martin Sandström, “TGAF” was designed to keep a user on the site for as long as possible. This image-heavy theme for WordPress has article groups, tags, rating, and cross-linking in both header and footer based on the type of article user is currently reading.

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Crazy photo collage of party people

We prove again and again that one can be welcomed in any group if being open-hearted, unpretentious and with relaxed attitude.