HeighYa image voting site displayed on three iMac screens

HeighYa - Image voting for everybody

HeighYa (pronounced any way you like, but we say [hey-ya]) is a nifty little web site that uses the power in numbers to let you find your best look according to the general public. You set the frame by uploading a set of photos you want compared against each other and our visitors do the rest.

Key Features

  • Facebook Login API integration
  • CodeIgniter framework
  • Image editing, moderation and reporting tools

When could this be useful?

Maybe your online dating profile isn't viewed as often as it could be, or maybe your CV is scrapped even before your future employer get to see all your impressive achievements. Maybe you just want to prove to your girlfriend that people do find your moustache quite fashionable. Use it any way you like and remember that we must all penetrate the surface before we can dive deep.


Based on interaction design by Martin Sandström, is built on CodeIgniter, uses moderation and report tools for images, has an (unfinished) API for connection to other sites, and has alternative maintenance and 404 pages for the lucky ones experiencing them.
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