iPads laid out on dinner table next to notebooks

Digital Delegate Pack for Events

A mobile experience for conferences that replaces the tedious use of papers and folders (delegate packs) and configurable to present live and static information like the agenda, speaker information, and voting results, and offers various ways for guests to interact with the speaker and each other.

The application/system has gone through three generations of updates, been used in more than 800 one-to-many day events with 10-1000 users at once, by clients such as: Amex, Citi Bank, Ernst & Young, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, McLaren, Novartis, Pfizer, Rolls Royce, UBS, and other global corporations in finance, automotive, fashion, and pharma.

Key Features

  • Device/browser agnostic
  • Offline storage
  • Data visualisation
  • Instant notifications
  • Device remote control
  • Localisation
  • Multi-touch experiences
  • Responsive design
  • Usage statistics
  • Content synchronisation
  • Template structure for developers
  • Memory and network optimisation


Digital agenda as shown on iPad and iPhone
The Agenda, unlike printed paper, can be updated live from a content-management system, and can display rich content as well as links to speaker profiles and reading material.
Keynote biographies as shown on iPad and iPhone
A list of Profiles with biography and other useful tidbits and contact information, grouped into categories and sortable.
Comment submissions as shown on iPad and iPhone
Using the Moderated Comments System any user can submit questions or opinions. The can go through a moderation system and also displayed as a feed on projector screens. Read more
Feedback forms as shown on iPad and iPhone
Users can submit Feedback Forms using various input methods including rating, scale sliders and priority lists. These forms are easily configurable by a web designer.
Image and file gallery as shown on iPad and iPhone
The Gallery presents various media grouped into categories and sortable. The user can bookmark items of interest to have them sent by email. Using the native iOS app, PDF documents can be viewed without having to use another app.
Digital notepad as shown on iPad
Write notes from any other page and view them in the Notepad. On this page notes are automatically saved and can be edited when offline, to have them synced online when you get back in network range. Notes made on PDF documents and during a [live powerpoint presentation] have an attachment thumbnail that can be reviewed.
Photo stream as shown on iPad and iPhone
During the event, a photographer can drop his/her pictures onto the server which will magically appear live in a Photo Stream on all users’ devices.
Live Powerpoint slides as shown on iPad
Stream Live Powerpoint Presentations to more than 1000 devices simultaneously! Users can write notes on slides and rewind presentations as well! Read more
Voting as shown on iPad and iPhone
Catch the audience’s opinion with Interactive Voting and Quizzes that fit all devices! Results can be displayed as charts, leaderboards, and debate worms. Read more
Word Cloud display and submission as shown on iPad and iPhone respectively
Display key themes and buzzwords in a crowd-sourced infographic as a Live Word Cloud!


At various points in time, the web app sends usage data back to the server which can be visualised in a handy set of panels. Data available includes popular pages and documents viewed, as well as peak times for common actions like chats and feedback forms.

All connected devices can also be remote controlled using Web Sockets. Various features are available, for example displaying notifications to groups of users, sending users to specific parts of the app, and even hiding the navigation from users so they can’t distract themselves from important pages. You won’t believe how many clients want this feature.

Delegate pack administration tools as shown on MacBook Air


Working closely with Tom Christian and his awesome responsive design for eight months, the old version of the Digital Delegate Pack became fully obsolete. This SAP is built with a custom framework inspired by Angular JS and uses Handlebars as template engine. This ensures that junior-level web designers can customise and build new pages and modules for the app without prior knowledge to other frameworks but JQuery. Here are some fully customised home screens I designed as examples to designers.

This application is built and optimised to be run on weak hardware (cheap Android tablets) with old browsers, but also designed to utilise extra features if run inside a Cordova wrapper (native iOS or Android app). Those features include full file-caching (including massive PDFs and videos) and native PDF previewing.

Random weird Android device with foldable screen
Random weird Android device with foldable screen
App also runs on Firefox phone
App also runs on Firefox phone

The Digital Delegate Pack also uses Web Sockets for instantly update or control connected devices remotely. When a live presentation is due, for example, the controller can push devices to the presentation page, change the brightness of the screen, and lock the device from other interaction.

Web Socket testing. There are three times the devices begind the camera.
Web Socket testing. There are three times the devices begind the camera.