About Me

With over 12 years of experience in web development, I design and build mobile and desktop web apps using tools like Node.js and Angular. With past work in graphics and interaction design, and studies in computer science and human-computer interaction (HCI), I am Designer Slash Developer.

Tech Specs

Creative Suite

History in desktop publishing, with over a decade of experience with the tools including Illustrator and PageMaker/InDesign.


University studies in Human-Computer Interaction, experience in prototyping and field testing, and devote in the school of Nielsen Norman.

Computer Science

Foundation in computer history, networking, and object-oriented programming. Java. Don’t kill me.


In 2010, graphics design was moved to my hobby list. I regularly read design and architecture blogs or visit art museums to keep myself up to date and get inspiration.

I’m also a big fan of everything interactive, so reading about tech news and trying out new gadgets is another passion. Video games is my biggest hobby, not only for relaxation entertainment, but for the sheer amount of marvel and inspiration in graphics, interaction design, and software solutions.

When working, chilling out, or partying, my music varies between jazz, trip-hop, ambient, nu-disco, and progressive techno.

All of the above go down well with a gin & tonic. With lime.