96pix website and Facebook App displayed on three computer screens

96pix - World's first image-based personality test

96pix is a free, image-based personality test. It takes about three minutes to complete. The test is based on the Big Five model, which is one of the most popular models for personality tests world wide.

Key Features

  • Facebook API integration
  • Facebook Web App Development
  • Image preloading
  • Algorithm adjustment helpers

There's more

96pix has a Facebook app where the users can compare the results with their friends. Anonymous results are shared between the site and Facebook app for better psychoanalysis data.

Images are from Flickr, but individual photographers are credited on the site. Oh, and there are also T-shirts!


Based on psychoanalysis studies by Martin Sandström, 96pix has a clever algorithm to give the user one outcome out of 12 profiles. Usage is also analysed to give a more accurate result when used the next time. (it's understood that different regions and cultures may react differently to different images, but the algorithm is currently not prejudiced.)